A mixed media workshop discovering your language though materials, process and observation.

This workshop is based on demonstrations of a variety of materials, prompts, and exercises to get to the core of personal meaning. The focus is on exploration, intuition, and pushing out of your comfort zone. Directives include formal elements such as line, shape, space, color, and composition with fast-paced timing based on discovery rather than finished products. Techniques will focus on markmaking, layering, collaging, excavating, combining materials, and more. Some of the materials we will be using include: dirt, coffee, natural materials, inks, acrylic mediums and paint plus cold wax and R&F Pigment Sticks©

Participants will create many small works to let go of the "precious" mentality. Freedom of expression is emphasized!

Participants will not only develop their technical skills but also gain a deeper understanding of their artistic style and voice. By immersing themselves in the making process and consistently producing pieces, artists will have the opportunity to reflect on their work, identify patterns, and uncover recurring themes. This self-exploration and reflection are invaluable in helping artists to refine their artistic vision, and ultimately, find their unique visual language that sets them apart as creators.


  • Deposit is $450, balance due 30 days before arrival
  • Day Student Tuition: $1144 + Materials fee
  • 5-Day Package*: $2,380 - $3,220 + Materials fee

*Your 5-Day Workshop Package includes:

  • Workshop Tuition, lodging, dinner 2 nights (welcome and farewell), breakfast and lunch each day, daily snack breaks, unlimited coffee, tea & seltzer. 
  • For your independent dinners, there are many restaurants with a wide variety of cuisines and price points, within comfortable walking distance of the Inn, plus Whole Foods Market and Trader Joe’s. 
  • You can choose a room to yourself (single occupancy) or double your fun, bring a friend and split a room (double occupancy).

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About Lisa

Lisa Pressman’s artistic career is marked by exploration: testing the boundaries of the expressive potential latent in a variety of mediums, among them oil, encaustic, cold wax, and mixed-media collage. Her work is abstract, conceptually based, and process-driven. Lisa’s artworks feature marks, forms, colors and patterns that are evocative rather than overt.

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