Are you satisfied with the quality of your work?
Do you feel like you're playing it too safe?
Do you want to take some risks and break free from your comfort zone?
Are you looking to push the boundaries of your work?
Gain confidence that your experiments will result in high quality finished work.

This course combines a bit of chance taking along with sound guidance, input on problem solving, and allowing the intuitive juices to flow! This dynamic, process oriented, workshop will focus on a variety of techniques and materials which can layer with one another and allow for a broader, more confident way of approaching mixed media.

Bonny will be addressing approaches to composition, color, mark making and spontaneity. Participants will come away with a working knowledge of materials, products, and a sense of how exploration, experimentation and creating in the NOW can enhance their current practice and become the inspiration for new ideas.

The workshop includes a Power Point focusing on various artists in reference to collage, color, composition and/or concept. 

In this class you will:

  • Experiment with various papers, including Mulberry paper, tissue and watercolor paper with rust, alcohol inks, Brusho powders and watercolor in preparation for collage.

  • Create ink monotypes on thin papers with a variety of marks using palette knives and a Gelli plate or a simple acrylic sheet or even wax paper with Speedball inks.

  • Learn how to wet and tear papers for natural looking deckled edges.

  • Learn the best products and procedures for adhering layers.

  • Learn how and when to use translucent papers and alternatively, treat translucent papers, where desired, to gain more opacity – making them more visible with higher contrast when collaging.

  • May include an optional variety of supplies including Woodys, oil and/or dry pastels, acrylics or any other mark making supplies they’d like to explore.  

  • Work will be uploaded to the curriculum before class time for discussion.

  • Learn ways to arrange and layer components for strong compositions to bring your eye around the canvas in satisfying ways, as you bring your work to fruition. 

"I’ve been teaching art in a variety of mediums for over 25 years and I own and operate The Bonny Studio and The Encaustic Center in Richardson, Texas. In addition to teaching workshops and classes, I invite artists to give workshops in their areas of expertise at the studios, bringing participants in from all over the country. In the last several years, I’ve assisted artists, in person and virtually, with anything from 2D and 3D materials and techniques to installation, concept building, artwork critiques, and website and social media development. Many of my students have been with me for years as I guide them through various phases and turns in their work and practice."


"From my own experience, Bonny is a wonderful teacher, willing to let her students find their own artistic paths with excellent support and unique teaching methods, while at the same time being a master of encouragement!! I highly recommend any courses she offers!" -Jeanne

"I loved exploring all the different mediums with Bonny. She always pushes you to think outside of the box. I kept exploring, trying and manipulating. I finally found a technique that worked for me always checking in with Bonny and being guided by her creative mind. Once a method formed my foundation, Bonny pushed me to turn 2D work into 3D forms." -Paulette


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A: Email me at [email protected]

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We appreciate your understanding and commitment to Collage & Composition: A Mixed Media Workshop. Happy learning!

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About Bonny

Bonny Leibowitz produces objects, installations and paintings utilizing a multitude of materials in ways that often disguise their origin, blurring the boundaries between the manufactured and the natural.

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