Where is your studio located?

Williamsburg, VA - 500 sq feet walled-off space in a home furnishings store warehouse. The owner is my landlord and shows my work in her retail store. I have access to wifi, a ladies' room, a refrigerator, a microwave, and a slop sink.

What's your studio routine?

Minimum of 15 hours a week painting. My “ritual" is to get myself into the car, and into the studio as early as possible - usually 11:00 a.m. I aim at 4 days a week.

I place car keys, glasses, water, and lunch in THEIR appropriate spot as things can get lost so easily in the studio, put on an apron, survey the room, and begin where I left off.

What's your medium?

Oil and cold wax on wood cradled panels.

What do you typically listen to?

Normally I listen to historically based fiction and/or Mindset work I’m engaged in.

What's your favorite tool?

Tool favorites - my easels. Two with active work, one for recently finished work. R&F Pigment sticks - I love that tool so much!

Does your studio affect your work?

Studio definitely affects the size of my work, most often 36” x 36" and contributes to my feeling of expansive possibility with the paint, with the practice, in the universe. I’d like the whole warehouse:)!

Name three (3) artists that you admire

Milton Avery, Brenda Goodman, Amy Sillman - for their ability to tell a story with a few lines and shapes, Richard Diebenkorn and Karen Nielsen-Fried for their palettes - I could pick dozens of painters!!!

List five words to describe your work

Abstract, Bold, Colorful, Playful, Surprising

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