Where is your studio located?

In 2018 we moved to the charming southern Alabama town of Fairhope, which is located on the Eastern Shore of Mobile Bay just 45 minutes north of the Gulf of Mexico. My two-room studio is attached to our house and is accessible through a rolling white barn door. The larger room (23’ x 17’) is where I paint and teach small groups, the other room (11x16’) is my office and library. A full bath and walk-in closet provide extra much-needed storage.

What's your studio routine?

My routine varies depending on projects and deadlines, but I am in my studio everyday. I walk the neighborhood most mornings and then I’ll bring a cup of coffee to my desktop computer and answer emails, check my to-to list, handle correspondence, etc. If I’m planning to paint with encaustic that day, the wax can melt while I handle these office tasks. I may not paint everyday but I am in my studio everyday. It’s my sanctuary as well as my work space.

What do you typically listen to?

I don’t typically listen to music or podcasts in my studio. Although once in a while I may play instrumental music,

but nothing with lyrics. Confuses my brain.

What's your medium?

I paint primarily with wax-based mediums: either encaustic or oil with cold wax. I do have acrylics and use them on occasion, but mainly in my sketchbook. I love my watercolors, too. They go with me when I travel.

What's your favorite tool?

Some favorites of mine:

  • tool - kraft knife blades and the magnetic dish they sit on (from JoAnn’s Fabrics)
  • table - an old farm table I use in my office to stack stuff on; keeps my projects organized.
  • lights - Just got this pair of Raleno telescoping adjustable lights. Lightweight, portable, great!
  • wall system - a wall covered with white peg board for viewing paintings.
  • chair for viewing - I found this black leather Italian chair that fits my small frame perfectly. So comfortable for sitting and contemplating.
  • easel - I have a wood easel for viewing, but I paint on tabletops.
  • ladder - my studio has a built-in ladder which leads to an attic platform. It is from that platform outside the attic door where I can take photos of my studio from above.

I have to mention that I love my 3-tier stainless-steel rolling shelves and rolling cart. Having things on wheels helps me re-configure my studio to suit my needs.

Does your studio affect your work?

My studio affects my work in that it has high ceilings, 2 sets of double doors to the outside, and white walls and woodwork. Perhaps it’s more than a coincidence that my work tends to be light and airy with a sense of spaciousness.

Name three (3) artists that you admire

Nicolas de Stael

Richard Diebenkorn

Emily Mason

List five (5) words to describe your work

Calm, spacious, light, sensitive, layered

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