Where is your studio located?

My studio is located in my home in Springfield, MO. I'm happy to have a bit of a larger studio in a third bedroom that's about 15' x 11' & when the weather gets warmer I plan to set up a temp studio for encaustics on my back patio or the garage.  

What's your studio routine?

I'm in my studio daily & though I may not always be painting, there is plenty to do with organizing, emails, online researching, sketching or doodling. In the warmer months I like being outside in my second studio on the back patio where I do encaustics. 

What's your medium?

I like to experiment with various mediums - I work mostly with wax, both cold wax & encaustic. Mediums I like to play with are: oil sticks & pan pastels, watercolors, oil + cold wax & acrylics, but my love is always the wax based mediums. 

What do you typically listen to?

Mostly Spotify playlists - instrumental mood music is always playing in the background. I also like to listen to podcasts. 

What's your favorite tool?

Some of my favorite tools are: my fingers/hands, hake brushes of various sizes for encaustics, palette knives & color shapers, torch & clover iron for encaustics. 

Does your studio affect your work?

Yes, most definitely I would say my new studio which I'm still settling into has good natural daylight + I have rigged up LED photography lighting which I'm finding very helpful when the days are not sunny or working at night. I like that my studio is a bit larger than the last place with lots of good light which is important.  

Name three (3) artists that you admire

Hilma af Klint
Georgia O'Keefe
Yayoi Kusama

List five words to describe your work

Allegorical, dreamy, figurative, mysterious, quirky

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