What makes larger pieces work?

How can they fail to live up to the promise?

I’ll help you decide through the work we do in this workshop what size your work should be.

This is a 5-week class in working larger in mixed media. “Large” is relative of course, but large is not just bigger. It’s small reimagined for a different space in the universe. 

Some of the technical challenges include scaling up your tools—larger substrates bigger bushes, bigger mark-makers. You’ll learn to think about how to generate a larger piece with the excitement and intricacy of a smaller piece. Is it as interesting from afar as well as from up close?

Working large has other challenges. They take up more space! We’ll explore working on materials that can be rolled or folded up, and modular ways of working that can be taken apart for storage and shipping. Do the parts of a large piece need to be attached to each other? Can they be assembled differently for each installation?

This class will include discussions of substrates, grounds, adding and subtracting materials, adhesives, color palettes, and mark-makers as they apply to scaling up.

Benefits of the course:

• Expand your ability to compose or re-scale images for larger works

• Learn about appropriate adhesives

• Acquire proficiency in layering paper and wax

• Have fun and still deepen your work

• Build your intuitive capabilities in composition

Features of the course:

• Multimedia approaches with paint, paper, fabric, ink 

• Work sharing with feedback

• Weekly challenges

• Live online work time with conversation

• Outline with weekly goals

• Suggested Materials list


"Each time I am with Deb in her plant- and light-filled large studio, I actively experience the benefits of her years of teaching, as well as her 30+ years of painting. I can bounce ideas off of her, and her feedback is in the form of suggestions. She hovers quietly, waiting until I ask for input or gently suggests something I might consider. All in all, she creates a rich and positive learning experience."

--Donna Hamil Talman, Massachusetts, US

Bonus Material:

  • Guide sheets on mixing mediums
  • Guide sheet on monotypes and adhesives
  • Info on mounting monotypes to substrates
  • Info on hanging collages without a substrate
  • See images by other artists, when applicable


Q: Who is this class for?

A: Artists with experience painting, drawing, collage, and mixed media who want to work larger than they are comfortable with to date.

Q: I have more questions. How do I reach you?

A: Email me at [email protected]

Please review our refund policy below:

  • Enrollees are eligible for a full refund within 14 days of the date of purchase.
  • Refund requests made after the initial 14 days will incur processing fees.
  • Cancellations made within 2 weeks before the course start date are subject to a 50% refund. 
  • No refunds will be given once a class has started.
  • Instead of a refund, you may opt to use your purchase as credits for a future class.

To request a refund, please contact us at [email protected] within the specified time frames. Include your [Course Name], and the reason for the refund request in your email. 

If you have any questions or concerns regarding our refund policy, feel free to reach out to us at [email protected]

We appreciate your understanding and commitment to Working Large. Happy learning!

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About Debra

Debra Claffey’s paintings in oil, encaustic, and mixed media are born from plant and foliage forms as expressions of the human dilemma. Her experience in horticulture adds a scientific perspective to her aesthetic appreciation of the natural world. With the plant kingdom as muse, Claffey’s work employs direct observation of nature to comment on the critical relationship between humans and plants. 

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