Are you ready to move your work and professional presentation to the next level?

This seminar is offered with six 2 hour meetings for artists to engage in a critical examination of their work and online presence. This is for artists who have accomplished a certain level of mastery over their mediums and want to push their work forward, develop a cohesive body of work, and hone their presentation materials. The FOCUS is the work, with the majority of the time spent developing concepts and critiquing work. Ample time will be provided to address artist statements, bios, website review and other vital topics. This is a small group course for the artist who desires a supportive environment to develop critical thinking as well as building the skills to discuss and present their work. Limit 12 artists per session.

Along with a private community for the class,

topics of discussion include:

  • Conceptual development and importance of research
  • Writing and art
  • Developing a series
  • How to write a compelling artist statement
  • Organizing your website
  • Contemporary artists and historical references
  • Building an image library
  • Passion and persistence
  • How to push through creative blocks
  • Letting go of preciousness
  • Options for installing work in galleries or alternate locations

Accelerate your art practice in Focus: Studio and Professional Practices!